July 14, 2012

On July 6, 2012 Samvel Rafaelyan, together with TRDP, organized a grand opening of his new cheese factory in the Heshtia village of the Ninotsminda region in Georgia. The number of guests who came to the opening exceeded expectations and was well attended by the region’s television and newspaper media and government representatives.

In his presentation, the proprietor Samvel Rafaelyan expressed his gratitude to TRDP for all of their support. He explained that without the assistance of TRDP, he could not have made the necessary renovations nor purchased the equipment to produce the safest highest-quality cheese meeting the highest standards.

The guests also included TRDP beneficiaries Armen Chakhoyan, also in cheese production, and Sevak Yeranosyan, who runs a pharmacy. They congratulated their colleague and looked forward to future close collaboration and networking. There was much discourse and interest among guests concerning cheese production technology, highlighted by a tasting of the various cheeses.

Currently, Rafaelyan produces more than six types of cheese, including Georgian, Lori, Gauda, Roquefort, Suluguni, and Chechil. The cheeses are distributed to the finest restaurants and supermarkets inTbilisi. Having studied in the Milk Department of the Veterinary Institute of Gavar in Gegharkunik region,Armenia, Rafaelyan uses his knowledge to select the highest quality milk  which is produced by rural residents in the region.