July 29, 2013

The second “Happy Honey Day” promotional marketing event took place on July 24th at the TRDP Gyumri office. About 150 guests participated in the event, including guests from the Shirak Marz Governor’s office, International Organizations, NGOs, the private sector, TRDP beneficiaries, representatives from TRDP partner banks, as well as TV and newspaper journalists.

The aim of the event was to aid TRDP beekeepers to remove obstacles in accessing market and distribution networks to sell and promote their products. During the event our beneficiaries presented some of their innovative and motivational ideas for new products. For example one of the beneficiaries, Mr. Samuel Avetisyan, introduced a new product propolis- a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources which is believed to have health benefits.

Participants had the opportunity to taste and purchase honey and propolis. Demonstrations were conducted to show the purity of the honey. Guests sampled the honey with bread and butter and cucumbers and were treated with a cake made with honey for the event.

The success of the event demonstrated the growing leadership of TRDP in rural economic development in Armenia and its essential role in promoting entrepreneurship in the region. The project attracted television coverage from two major channels, “SHANT” and “TZAYG”. In addition, two newspaper journalists from the “Hingshabti” newspaper and “ARMENPRESS” News Agency covered the event.