February 5, 2015

On January 20th 2015, Mrs. Gayane Hovsepyan, together with TRDP, hosted the grand opening of her newly established Community Events hall in the village of Heshtia in Javakhk, Georgia with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Guess who was honored to cut the red ribbon and be the first to enter the community hall? – The bride and the groom!

Right after the opening ceremony, the first wedding party took place in Mrs. Hovsepyan’s events’ hall. 400 people attended the ceremony among them many guests from the Heshtia community and surrounding villages, regional television and media as well as other TRDP beneficiaries from Javakhk.

In fact, the opening of Mrs. Hovsepyan’s events’ hall in Heshtia was a great networking event for TRDP beneficiaries. The business idea of Mrs. Hovsepyan came into life as a result of huge efforts provided both by the beneficiary and by the TRDP team. With the assistance of TRDP she completed the construction works and bought necessary equipment, furniture and accessories for her business. Mrs. Hovsepyan’s events’ hall is designed for a variety of events including weddings, birthday and graduate parties as well as other corporate events. Mrs. Hovsepyan’s business created seven jobs for her co-villagers.

Being located at the center of Heshtia – near the community church – Mrs. Hovsepyan’s events’ hall will offer its services not only to the residents of the Heshtia community but as well to the surrounding villages of Ghaurma, Uchmana and Toria. Mrs. Hovsepyan already got orders for holding wedding parties at her events’ hall on January 22, 23, 24 and 31 in 2015.