“Hraparakum” TV series prepared a documentary film about the TRDP beneficiary

May 24, 2012

“Hraparakum” TV series of Armenia’s Public TV prepared a documentary film about the successful women entrepreneurs who have been recently bestowed certificates of honor by the RA Prime Minister. One of them is TRDP beneficiary Anush Tsaturyan from Noyemberyan, Tavush region.

Anush Tsaturyan is one of the TRDP first beneficiaries who had courage, determination and foresight to decide to start her sewing workshop business in the town of Noyemberyan (Tavush region, Armenia). She exercises innovative business approach, particularly in adopting new technology. With the help of TRDP, Tsaturyan has been able to purchase modern equipment and machines, which have dramatically increased both the volume and quality of the production.

She is also one of those beneficiaries who are socially responsible and actively participate in all Corporate Social Responsibility projects that TRDP organizes.

As an outcome of her active participation on those projects and for the continuous allocation of her income with people who need it, recently, during the Women’s Council meeting out of a number of women participating in the Countryside Philanthropist category, Anush Tsaturyan was bestowed a certificate of the Women Benefactor of the Tavush region.

To watch the documentary film, please visit the RA Government’s official website: