Drip Irrigation Systems (DIS) Business

2Usage of DIS:

DIS is the most important irrigation system boosting agricultural production.

  • Can be used in all kinds of fruit gardens (vineyard, melon, water melon, etc.),
  • All kinds of plants (cotton, sunflower, etc.) and flower cultivation
  • All kinds of vegetable cultivation (cucumber, eggplant, pepper, bean, potato, etc.)
  • Especially in the greenhouse areas in a problem-free way for many years.

Business idea:

Creation of a shop and information center for merchandizing this kind of drip irrigation systems is the essence of the proposed business.


The most important component is the system of plastic hose with appropriate sprinkles, nozzles, distribution system, valves and control methods

Necessary investment: Prices of DIS components and kits

Business specifics: Before starting the business the following needs to be found out:

  • Relevant shops for consumption or establish a new one
  • Installation operation
  • Local promotion