Pastry, Lemonade, Wine Production, Artsakh – TRDP Entrepreneur Hayaser Gasparyan

“Even if my employees come to work in a bad mood, I do everything to make them leave the factory smiling

Turpanjian Rural Development Program (TRDP) helped Hayaser Gasparyan expand his bread, pastry and candy production center, which has become renowned throughout the Republic of Artsakh (officially known as Nagorno Karabakh Republic, NKR) for its large variety and quality of products.  The business has been a great success, creating more than 20 jobs in the town of Martuni.

Hayaser created his business brand, “Tnjri,” using the name of a famous, large, 2,035 year old tree, which has been visited by prominent figures throughout history, in the Martuni region.  The hollow of the tree, where more than 100 people can stand, is 44 square meters.

Gasparyan’s “Tnjri” center products are sold in the retail stores of both Artsakh and Yerevan.  Hayaser is proud to be able to foster local production.  He uses local raw materials, which increases the quality of the products and makes them tastier.

Hayaser started his business in 1988.  However, in the following years, the Nagorno-Karabakh war began and Hayaser, along with others, went to defend his homeland.  After the war was over, Hayaser, determined to live and create in his homeland, decided to reopen the business and he did it!

However, Hayaser Gasparyan lacked the necessary financial means to expand his business and to increase the production volume and number of employees.  He learned about the opportunities TRDP offers from his friends and decided to apply.
Though Hayaser had business management experience, the TRDP training provided him with the knowledge and skills needed to organize his business as a professional entrepreneur.  The TRDP training provided Hayaser with the competencies needed to make his business a success, including establishing processes for purchasing, cash flow, marketing strategies, accounting, and best business management practices.  Due to lessons learned, Mr. Gasparyan has implemented a system asking for customer feedback to improve his products and service.  Among other skills, Hayaser highlighted the importance of flexibility that the TRDP trainings taught him.

“Previously I was working with only one provider.  I was taught to work with two or more providers so as the issues with one of the providers won’t affect the process of my business,” Hayaser states.  He highly values the warm welcome and genuine help TRDP team members are ready to give.

Hayaser considers his business very successful because he has been expanding it, increasing volume, and adding new lines of production since its inception.  He always tries to stay innovative and meet the demand of the customer.  The recent innovation Hayaser applied to his business is the beautiful design and packaging of the products.

Design and packaging of the product in addition to its quality is very important; the customer first sees the product in the store, then only tastes it; the product should catch the eye of the customer,” Hayaser said.
The impact of Hayaser’s business on his community is huge.  Hayaser employs 20 people from the community.  He encourages all his employees by providing a warm and friendly atmosphere on the business premises.  He is always ready to help his employees with both financial and friendly support if needed.

Even if they come to work in a bad mood, I do everything to make them leave the factory smiling,” Hayaser states.

He has also established a system that clearly defines employees’ duties and responsibilities, disseminated through employee training and orientation and an employee manual.
Hayaser works with his family.  His two sons and daughter work at his factory.

“I’m already teaching my grandson.  I want him to continue the business I established,” says Hayaser.

Hayaser donated some of his income for the construction of the community church.   He supports the holding of different events in the community and helps people in need.
Recently, Hayaser started producing wine.  He plans to expand production, to hire 10 more employees, and to enter the international market.  In the future, he imagines that the “Tnjri” brand will be competitive both in Armenia and in international markets.  He will market lemonade and pastry in the Armenian market and wine in the European market.

Hayaser thanked TRDP team members for their on-going support and useful consultations that contribute to the development of his business.