TRDP Supported Business in Berdashen, Small Village with Two Borders

On November 2, one more AUA-TRDP beneficiary, along with the TRDP team, hosted the grand opening of his newly established cheese production factory called, “Arevashogh,” which means, “sunshine,” with a red ribbon cutting ceremony in one of the remote villages of Armenia, Berdashen in the Shirak region.  Berdashen is a small village in Armenia’s North-West that borders both Turkey & Georgia. It is a small village with only 62 households.

Many guests from the community, the TRDP chair, Dr. Haroutune Armenian, the TRDP staff, and others participated in the opening ceremony.
Mr. Chapanyan’s cheese factory adds a lot of value to the village.  Arevashogh is of strategic importance for the small and isolated village of Berdashen.  Mr. Chapanyan’s business created five (5) new jobs.  His factory will source raw milk directly from local villagers, thus making a huge contribution to his community. Other residents of the village were very inspired by Mr. Chapanyan’s endeavor and are thinking about applying to the program with their own ideas.

When Mr. Slavik Chapanyan, a forward-thinking and goal-oriented entrepreneur, learned about the opportunities TRDP offers, he decided to apply and establish his own business in his community.  After successfully completing the training course of the program, Mr. Chapanyan received financial assistance and opened his cheese factory in Berdashen.  The factory has all the appropriate equipment and facilities for the production of various types of high quality and tasty cheese, including Roquefort, in sanitary-hygienic conditions. Mr. Chapanyan also intends to export the production to the Russian Federation.

In his presentation, entrepreneur Slavik Chapanyan expressed his gratitude to TRDP for all of their support.
Mr. Chapanyan explained that without the assistance of TRDP, he could not have made the necessary renovations nor purchased the equipment to produce the safest and highest quality cheese.