July 2, 2014

On June 30, TRDP celebrated the official opening of Mrs. Alvard Grigoryan’s newly established food and household goods store with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Many guests from the Hovtashen village and surrounding villages, TRDP staff, interns, beneficiaries and new applicants were invited to participate in the opening ceremony.

With the mentoring and support of TRDP, Mrs. Grigoryan created a fresh and friendly ambience, while maintaining the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene at her business premises.

The opening ceremony of Mrs. Grigoryan’s store included an exposition of products from other TRDP beneficiaries on the grounds outside the store. The exposition provided a cost-effective way of effectively marketing products to new customers, fostering a social and personal network among TRDP beneficiaries and inspired new TRDP applicants and local residents alike.

This newly established store was the only one of its kind in the village and the opening ceremony was a major celebration for the local residents. The residents no longer have to travel to surrounding villages to purchase their basic needs.

Mrs. Grigoryan credits the TRDP team for their hard work and attention to detail in assisting her to develop the business. Based on the ongoing support of TRDP, the business will expand into new markets and opportunities.