Bakery, Javakhk – TRDP Entrepreneur Hovhannes Jaghatspanian

“The keys to my success are producing the highest quality bread, satisfying customers’ needs, and creating a safe, sanitary and warm working environment for my employees”

Hovhannes Jaghatspanyan owns a bakery in the town of Ninotsminda in the Javakhk region of the Republic of Georgia.  Before applying to participate in Turpanjian rural development program (TRDP) training, Hovhannes owned a small bakery, but had few customers.  However, after becoming a TRDP beneficiary, he was able to expand his bakery and substantially increase the number of customers he serves.  Now, the fresh bread made in Hovhannes Jaghatspanyan’s bakery is popular throughout the region.
Hovhannes explains that the training offered by TRDP considerably increased his business and financial management skills.  He valued the individualized personal approach TRDP trainers showed to each participant during the TRDP training course.

With the financial assistance of the Program, Hovhannes purchased new larger facilities and modern equipment for his bakery.  The new equipment allowed him to use innovative technologies to produce bread of the highest quality in a cost-effective manner.  Hovhannes now employs seven residents from his community and will soon hire two more employees.
Jaghastpanian explains that although there are more than 10 bakeries in the region, his bakery is distinguished from the others in that he produces the highest quality bread and maintains a sanitary, orderly, and clean bakery.  Initially, Hovhannes’ bakery struggled, but with the on-going consultations provided by TRDP, he was able to properly adjust his prices and increase the quality of bread produced to thrive in the competitive market of his region.

Hovhannes maintains close ties with other TRDP beneficiaries, particularly the TRDP supported cheese producers in the region, “I buy cheese from them and they buy bread from me, he explains.

For Hovhannes, the keys to his success are producing the highest quality bread, satisfying customers’ needs, and creating a safe, sanitary, and warm working environment for his employees.  Encouraged by the success of his business, Hovhannes plans to diversify his businesses and to include fish breeding.