Seyran Gevorgyan – Beekeeping, Honey Production

“…Mr. Gevorgyan’s honey production start-up successfully transformed into growth-oriented business.”

  • Location:Kamo village
  • Skills learnt or improved due to TRDP trainings:

Cash flow management

Marketing skills

  • Loan:Twice received
  • Keys to success: Business skills, Knowledge of the field, Financial assistance
  • Contribution to community: Under TRDP networking program, Mr. Gevorgyan provides consultations to TRDP less experienced beekeepers.
  • Jobs Created: 2
  • Uniqueness of the business: Gevorgyan applied to the program for the second time to expand the business and create one more job. With the second loan, he obtained more beehives and the transportation trailer. Mr. Gevorgyan organized the seasonal transportation of beehives in order to extract more honey.