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National Cuisine and Hostel Business in Areni Village, Vayots Dzor region

A twenty-five year-old entrepreneur from Areni village, Anushavan Grigoryan, learned about the opportunities that the AUA Turpanjian Rural Development Program offers for startup businesses, and decided to apply. He wanted to acquire new knowledge and skills in the field of business development and, through the financial assistance of the program, expand his bed & breakfast to improve the quality of the service.

After successfully completing the training of the program, and showing outstanding performance, Anushavan received financial assistance from the program’s partner bank and started to develop his business further according to the business plan. 

Anushavan constructed very cozy summer and winter pavilions allowing for tourists visiting Areni to rest and taste the delicious Armenian Cuisine.

In addition, Anushavan offers tourists different activities of a national character such as showing how Armenian bread is baked in tonratun, organizing visits to the watermill, and organizing wine making classes. He also offers tourists a glimpse at Armenian entertainment in the form of shows and dances.

The final outcome of Anushavan’s activities is a business operating year round with all the necessary conveniences and facilities to accommodate a high number of tourists. Anushavan hosts large groups of tourists from various countries such as Philippines, Japan, Russia, and many European countries.

Just recently, following the consultations of TRDP regional team, Anushavan installed two advertisements on the highway. This increased the visibility of his business and as a result, the number of visitors to the pavilion and B&B increased substantially.  

The business has been a success, making Areni village more attractive and hospitable for the passers-by.